Microwave Systems JSC
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Современный производственный цех Высокотехнологичная продукция Кадры высокой квалификации Современное технологическое оборудование Точные измерения и контроль качества Автоматизация испытаний Автоматизированные измерительные стенды Передовое испытательное оборудование
About Us

Basic services of Microwave Systems:
  • design and serial production of specific-application MMIC, HMIC, broadband high-power and low-noise amplifiers and microwave devices (0.3-22 GHz) on the basis of modern components.
For this purpose the enterprise has:
  • highly qualified engineering and labor staff;
  • production line equipped with modern technological, testing and measuring equipment;
  • design department;
  • management and optimized structure.
What it gives to our customer:
  • advanced solutions and modern technologies;
  • good price/quality ratio in pilot and serial production.
Produced microwave modules are used in:
  • radars; 
  • telecommunication systems;
  • measuring complexes, etc.