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Microwave Systems JSC

F.A.Q – Frequently asked questions

1. What is the process of ordering a supply of the company’s product?

To order a product a customer is required to:

1.1  Send an order in any form to the automatic fax machine +7(499) 644-19-70 or to the email addresses irina@mwsystems.ru, isa@mwsystems.ru (preferably) and state:

-  nomenclature and quantity of required products;

-  name and bank details of the buyer for invoicing;

-  name, position and contact details (phone, fax numbers and email address (preferably)) of the person in charge for further communication with the buyer;

-  for conclusion of the supply contract – full name, position of the official signing the contract on behalf of the buyer, the source of their authority (the statute or power of attorney with its number and date of issuance), legal and actual registered addresses and bank details of the buyer. In case the supply is done on the basis of the invoice, and the supply contract is not concluded, the official’s details are not required.


1.2  At the request of the customer the company draws up and reverts with the supply contract. The supply contract as a rule is concluded for the supply of batches of products according to the agreed delivery schedule.

1.3  Any questions regarding the structural, functional and technological features of products, their use, etc. should be forwarded to the Deputy General Director - Chief Designer of the enterprise, Mr. Andrey A. Kishchinsky, tel. +7(499) 650-80-63 , or Deputy Chief Designer - Head of the Design Department Mr. Alexey Radchenko,  tel. +7(499) 650-80-65 .


2. What is the time of delivery?

The delivery time depends on the following:

-  The availability of ready for shipping products at the company’s warehouse. Should the product be in stock, the shipment as a rule is done three business days after the receipt of advance payment. The company does not make product reserves at the warehouse and delivers products “on order”.

-  In each case the delivery time is negotiated with the customer separately and is stated in the contract and specification or statement of delivery as part of the contract. Delivery time depends on the duration of the production cycle, workload of the enterprise with other orders, the quantity of products ordered, etc.


3. What is the price of the product and discount if any?

-  The price is advised to the customer upon receipt of the order (cl. 1.1).

-  The discount system is not provided for customers and for intermediaries.


4. What are the payment conditions?

-  As a rule - the 80% advance payment, and payment of the balance upon the readiness of products for shipment.

-  The negotiable advance payment conditions and payment of balance after the fact of delivery is optional for training centers and universities.


5. What is the process of delivery to other cities of Russia (except Moscow)?

The delivery of cargoes is done by the freight forwarder FSUE Courier Communication Central Board having long-term contractual relations on a door-to-door basis with the company. The company is a reliable forwarder with minimal delivery time. The delivery price is included in the price of the supply contract.


6. What is the location of the enterprise?

Microwave Systems JSC is located at: 105122, Moscow, Schelkovo highway, 5, building 1 (Sokol business center). Nearest metro station: Cherkizovskaya, public transit station: MCC Lokomotiv. Driving directions.


7. What is the structure of the enterprise?

The company is primarily a production facility equipped with modern technological and testing equipment, automated measuring workstations. The company structure is as follows:

•  production workshop with fitting, microassembly, microwelding, tuning, product testing sections;

•  technical control group;

•  design department;

•  engineering office;

•  production support department;

•  components and end product warehouse;

•  administration.

The “clean zone” with an area of ​​200 sq. m., cleanliness level -7, is part of the production workshop.


8. Is it possible to visit the enterprise for evaluation and business negotiations?

The administration certainly has a positive attitude to visits of the management and specialists of other organizations, if such visits promote business contacts establishment and exchange of information of mutual interest.

Arrangements required prior to the visit:

•  Appointment with an employee of the enterprise, provision of full details of all visitors.

•  The visitors should arrive to the enterprise entrance at the agreed time (the address is stated in cl. 6), provide id’s to the security at the entrance, advise the purpose of the visit and the name of the company’s employee of the enterprise who made an appointment. The security guard will organize entry to the company’s premises. The provision of id for is required for entry.


9. What are the specifics of the microwave modules developed by the enterprise?

The main products of the enterprise are broadband powerful and low noise amplifiers of the microwave range.

The advantages of these devices:

•  wide band of frequencies (from octave to decade);

•  dense packaging, low weight and dimensions (avionics);

•  combination of continuous and pulsed operating modes, rapid transistor power modulation option;

•  application in active multi-beam antenna systems (normalized phase-frequency characteristics);

•  operation in wide (from minus 40 ... 65 to plus 60 ... 85 degrees) temperature range, built-in compensation circuits for gain temperature changes;

•  operation in severe conditions;

•  optional additional service functions (built-in stabilizers and power converters, output power detectors, digital transmission ratio control, telemetry, etc.)

•  The company also develops and manufactures electronic components based on amplifiers of own design, transceiver modules, and other microwave modules of varied functionality.


10. What component base is used in development and production?

The products are developed and manufactured utilizing mainly imported component base, primarily microwave transistors and monolithic integrated circuits (MIS). The use of imported active elements allows the development of the products of potent technical parameters and reliability.


11. Is it possible to use domestic component base?

In case of performance of mandatory R&D for the customer’s account and availability of domestic component base of satisfactory required quality, the use of domestic component base is possible.


12. Do you anticipate to widen the use of the domestic microwave component base?

The company is interested in the emergence of modern domestic transistors and monolithic integral circuits of microwave range and cooperates with Russian enterprises (JSC "RPC "Istok", NPF Mikran, JSC, JSC Svetlana-Rost and others) in this field.

Given a choice of components, our enterprise is guided not by the of origin of the manufacturer, but by the components’ technical parameters, reliability, stability of parameters, price, delivery time and other objective characteristics.


13.       How are the products tested before shipment to the customer?

The pre-shipment procedure of testing of 100% of microwave modules is as follows:

• continuous 96-hour thermoelectric operation test of module casing temperature of +95 degrees Celsius;

• thermal cycling (7 thermal cycles);

• single impact test.


14. Is it possible to develop and manufacture functionally different (other than broadband amplifiers) solid-state modules, for example, modulators, phase shifters, attenuators, pulse amplifiers?

Yes, it is possible. The qualification of engineers and developers of the enterprise allows to create complex multifunctional microwave modules that include mentioned devices.

15. Is it possible to develop modulators and power supplies for vacuum microwave electronics, for example, traveling wave tube?

No, it is impossible: the profile field of our enterprise is solid-state electronics. The company at this time does not have the infrastructure and specialists required for the development of modulators and power supplies for vacuum microwave electronics either at present, and has no plans of such projects in the future.


16. Is it possible to arrange supply of 1 pc of solid-state module?

The company supplies most of the modules in quantities of 1 pc. The ordered quantity and the price of the contract does not affect the priority of delivery - for the company all orders are equally important.


17. Is it possible to order a module from the product catalog with alterations done in accordance with the customer’s requirements?

Alterations may be different in every case: everything depends on the scale of required modifications to the product. For example, at the request of the customer, we can supply a module with connectors of an inch thread instead of a metric one, this does not affect the price, but may affect the delivery time.

Serious alterations require time and money. Therefore, it is optimal for the customer to apply and pay for the implementation of design and development related to required alterations to the end product with the required amount of checks and tests. In this case there is a high probability of receiving high quality product. Our company does not practice making changes "on the fly", in the process of fulfilling of the supply contract. However, there is the option of development of modifications to manufactured devices at the expense of our enterprise, in case of conclusion of supply contract for significant quantity of devices that covers the expenses for such a development.


18. Is it possible to use a microwave module in a wider band than specified in the passport data (advertising catalog, technical specifications) for it?

In some cases, it is possible. Enterprise engineers can measure the parameters of amplifier’s operation out of passport frequency range and inform the customer accordingly. In any case it is up to the customer to take decision to use the amplifier in the extended frequency band.


19. Is it possible to use a broadband amplifier (from the enterprise catalog) for amplification in a narrow band or at a fixed frequency?

It is possible. However, in our opinion it is not the optimal use of the amplifier, since broadband amplifiers of a certain power are as a rule noticeably more expensive than narrow band ones. In addition, a number of parameters of a broadband amplifier (for example, efficiency, harmonics, etc.) may be worse than analogous parameters of a narrow band amplifier.


20. What is the process of warranty repairs of products?

20.1. A malfunctioning device is sent to the company by the buyer together with the passport with pre-filled out “CLAIM INFORMATION” section.

20.2. The company's specialists analyze the malfunction (at the request of the buyer - cooperatively with the buyer’s representative) and issue the inspection report.

• In case a failure is caused by internal defects (failure of a component, defective assembly or design), repairs within the warranty period are free of charge.

• If there is evidence of improper handling of the product (external breakdowns and mechanical damage, mass failure of many components, burnout of external circuits, signs of overheating, etc.), the claim is rejected, and the device may be repaired for the buyer’s cost or returned to the buyer.

20.3. The repair period usually does not exceed 1-1.5 months, depending on the amount of work.

20.4. Warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out AT THE ENTERPRISE’S PREMISES, for special measuring equipment (vector and scalar analyzers, PC-based workstations with special software) are required in order to identify and repair damage, measure and confirm the conformity of the electrical characteristics with the documentation. All the required equipment is available to the engineers of the enterprise.


21. How are post-warranty product repairs carried out?

The company has the same serious attitude to the warranty and post-warranty repairs, therefore, at the request of the consumer, post-warranty repairs are carried out on a compulsory basis. The procedure for applying for post-warranty repairs is as follows:

21.1. A malfunctioning device is sent to the company by the buyer together with the passport with pre-filled out “CLAIM INFORMATION” section.

21.2. The company's specialists analyze the malfunction.

21.3. Depending on the severity of the damage, the buyer is billed for repairs.

21.4. The repair period usually does not exceed 1-1.5 months, depending on the amount of work.