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Microwave Systems JSC
Design Service

Design Service

MMIC Design Service

Main features:
• Frequency range from 0 to 45 GHz
• Narrow-band, octave & multi-octave designs
• GaAs pHEMT, GaN HEMT, PIN technologies
• Output power from 0,01 to 10 W
• Custom-specified amplifiers, digital attenuators,
phase shifters, core-chip MMICs, passive MMICs
• Re-design obsolete parts
• Foundry partners: SANAN,
HiWafer Semiconductor
• Design partners: AVK Design Team, IRMIS

MMIC Design Service

HMIC & Module Design Service

Main features:
• Frequency range from 0,3 to 22 GHz
• Narrow-band, octave & multi-octave designs
• Output CW power up to 300 W
• Output pulse power up to 1 kW
• Custom-specified power amplifiers,
T/R modules & super-components
• Hermitic nitrogen-filled housing
• Temperature range from -55°C to +65°C
• Industry partners: Kyocera Corporation, ATC, Compex Corporation

HMIC & Module Design Service


Our company is actively involved in projects of research, development and engineering of wide range of microwave modules. Most modules are engineered in accordance with the specific requirements of certain customers and are supplied to them exclusively.

The design department of the Enterprise employs highly qualified development engineers - graduates of MIREA, MAI, MSTU. The licensed software  AWR is used for the computation of microwave amplifiers. The company on the regular basis becomes host of internal seminars on development engineers’ experience exchange.

Microwave Systems JSC is a sponsor of the annual international conference "Microwave Equipment and Telecommunication Technologies". Employees of the company regularly give speeches at the conference, some papers are published on the website www.mwsystems.ru and in the catalog.

Some design directions already developed or in the process that clearly demonstrate the potential of Microwave Systems JSC in the development and production of complex multifunctional and special microwave devices are listed below:

1.Set of transceiver and amplifier modules.

2.High-power multimode pulse power amplifiers of L, S, C, X - ranges.

3.Multichannel microwave amplifier modules, ultra-wideband amplifiers.

4.Power amplifier (continuous mode of 100 - 160 W) with an octave frequency band.

5.Series of powerful wideband L-band amplifiers with continuous operation mode.

6.Series of power amplifiers covering the range of 1-18 GHz for high-potential systems.

7.Powerful transceiver modules operating in pulse mode. 

8.Series of universal amplifiers of medium power, covering the range 1-18 GHz, in sealed flange-type microcases.

9.Development of transistors and monolithic integrated circuits for use in our own microwave modules.