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22 / 09 / 2019
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Solid-state microwave power amplifiers of a super-octave band


Abstract: The paper includes the analysis of technical and technological solutions used in the design of ultra-wideband transistor microwave power amplifiers, as well as modern technologies and schemes for constructing monolithic integrated power amplifiers. The matters of design of high-power amplifiers and parameters achieved during development and production of amplifiers are reviewed in the publication. 

Keywords: power amplifier, gallium nitride, monolithic integral circuit, ultra-wideband.


The use of power amplifiers with a frequency band of more than an octave (for discretion referred to as the ultra-wide frequency band) is always under the spotlight. Such attention is due to active development of the technology of active phased antenna arrays), both radar and anti-radar, the use of short pulse and noise-shaped signals requiring large instantaneous band of transmitting path, and transition to multifunctional and multi-band radio systems.

The combination of optimal circuitry implementation, rational design and advanced active devices technology ensures the successful development of high-performance ultra-wideband power amplifiers. Technical solutions and instrument parameters in this paper are considered in relation to the frequency range of 2 - 18 GHz, covering all the main radar (S-, C-, X-, Ku-) ranges and the most sought after (2-6 GHz, 6-18 GHz, 4-18 GHz) anti-radar frequency ranges.

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